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From: Kara Brown
Subject: College Crossdressing Slut 8: Sucking Steve Robert came over on Thursday and I wound up sucking him off and I
swallowed his cum. I wasn’t sure if I would swallow for him this time but
he kind of held my head down and didn’t leave me much choice. Preteen Pthc I knew I
would wind up sucking him off, even though he was a jerk. I kind of liked
the way he treated me, as long as I knew I was going to get to play with
his cock. His spanking me had been a turn on too. I’d always had some
fantasies about it but I thought they would always remain fantasies. When
Robert came over, I had hoped he would spank me again. I even acted kinda
bratty so he would spank me but he just wanted to cum in my mouth and
I sat on my couch that Preteen Pthc
morning and watched a movie with a bellyful
of Robert’s cum. My phone rang but I didn’t recognize the number so I
didn’t pick it up. I noticed the person had left a Preteen Pthc message so I checked my
message and noticed it was from Steve, the other guy I had been talking to
at the party. Steve was a shorter than me, about 5′8, but he was fairly
cute. He was on the skinny side with light brownish hair and I liked his
eyes. He wasn’t nearly as muscly as Robert but he was super nice and fun
to Preteen Pthc talk to. I decided to call him back. He picked up the phone and we had
a good conversation. He was a really funny guy and he asked what I was up
to and if I wanted to hang out sometime. Robert had left me pretty horny
so I asked if he wanted to hang out tonight and he agreed to come over
about 10:00pm.
I was still dressed up from when I had sucked off Robert. I had on
a white tank top, these really tight black pants that showed off my ass
well, and my black thong that said “flirt” on it. I looked pretty cute but
I resolved that I had to get some more clothes, especially if I was going
to keep meeting guys. I liked what I had on though. I thought I looked
pretty good, but it wasn’t too slutty looking. I had acted like such a
slut with Robert, he kept treating me like one and just came over for sex.
I wanted to play it a little different with Steve. Steve came over right on time and I opened the door for him. “Wow,
you look great Kara.” He said as he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “You too.” I said. He did look very cute, but it was a little
different hugging a guy shorter than me. “Are you hungry at all?” He asked. “We can go get something to
eat. I haven’t eaten in awhile.” “I’m a little hungry but I don’t really go out very often dressed
like this.” “That’s cool. I was thinking like a drive thru anyway. Not much
else is open.” He replied. I thought for a second and agreed. I put on a long jacket with a
hood as we walked to his car, just so none of my neighbors would recognize
me. He drove an older Camry, and we took that to Burger King. We ordered
and he paid for us both “Mind if we eat in the parking lot?” He asked.
“I’m really hungry.” Preteen Pthc
Preteen Pthc I didn’t mind so we ate and he made a lot of jokes that made me
laugh. We sat there for a few minutes after we finished eating and then he
reached over and kissed me. It tasted a little like the fries he had been
eating but it didn’t matter to me, I absolutely love to kiss. We kissed
and sucked on each other’s tongues and his hand was all over my ass. After
about fifteen minutes we drove back to my place. I resisted the urge to go
down on him as he drove; I didn’t want to come across as too slutty for
this one. We went directly to my couch and immediately started kissing.
He wasn’t a bad kisser and I loved feeling his tongue in my mouth. I could
tell he loved it too because we made out for about 20 minutes before he
took off his pants, laid down on top of me and I spread my legs a little
and let him get in between them. My thong had begun to peek out of the
tops of my pants and he played with the band as he kissed me. I wrapped my
legs around him as he began to grind on me with his hard on. I loved the
feeling but it felt a little weird with a guy five inches shorter and about
my weight on me. I usually liked bigger guys. I moaned and he tried to
unzip my pants. “Not tonight.” I whispered. “Why not.” He asked as he still tried to unzip my pants. “Just not tonight.” I said as I put my hand down to stop him. “Just let me see you in your thong” He begged. I didn’t want to be such a slut tonight and I knew if I let him
take off my pants I was going to let him fuck me. “But I’m a good girl.”
I lied with a grin. “You weren’t such a good girl when you blew Robert at the party.”
He said and seemed a little ticked Preteen Pthc off. “Actually I let him pound my ass like a $20 whore.” I thought to
myself. Bringing up that memory made me so horny I felt like cumming in my
panties right there. I didn’t tell him what I actually let Robert do to
me, instead I said “Don’t worry, I’d never let you go home unsatisfied.” As
I sat up and kissed him again. I felt a little bad for Steve; he probably thought he was going to
get to fuck me for sure. It felt good being a tease though. I hadn’t
really had that feeling of control with any of the other guys I’d been
with. There’s a difference between being a tease and a bitch though, so I
put my hand down his pants and rubbed his cock. It felt a little shorter
and kinda thick as I rubbed him and we made out some more. After a few
minutes I took off his shirt and kissed his chest. I worked my way down,
licking and kissing his chest and stomach and then told him to lift his
hips so I could take off his boxers. I got on my knees and when his boxers
came off, I saw his cock. Honestly, I was a little disappointed. It was
smaller than I expected and not as thick as I hoped. I didn’t know if his
was smaller than usual or if Joey and Robert were bigger than usual. I
love looking at cocks of any size though and bent over and kissed the tip.
I could feel it spasm a little and licked the underside a little before I
put the head in my mouth. He moaned as I continued licking and sucking on
his cock. I moved my head down with surprising ease and was able to deep
throat his little cock. He reached down and held my hand as I sucked on
his cock and I practiced my new deepthroating techniques. It was a lot of
fun and I wanted to get my pants off so I could play with myself. Preteen Pthc I knew
that if I get my pants off I usually wind up with a dick in my ass. I was
having a blas though. It was pretty fun sucking a smaller cock that wasn’t
choking me. He kinda let me suck him how I wanted to too, unlike Robert
who would hold my head down sometimes. Steve was a really good guy so I
concentrated on giving him a great blowjob. I sucked and slurped and blew
his cock good. “He kept moaning and repeating “Fuck yes baby.” And told me
how he liked to see my thong peeking out over my tight pants. “I’m going to cum baby.” He moaned as he held my hand. “Cum for me.” I told him and began to jerk him off with my hand. Seconds later I was rewarded with a spurt of cum hitting my chin.
That was followed by a few more as I continued jerking his cock. When he
was done cumming he pulled me up off my knees and wiped the cum off my face
with my with a napkin. He kissed me, not caring about tasting the cum that
I could still taste on my lips, and we continued making out. “Can I suck you baby?” He asked. I just shook my head and said, “I like to do the sucking.” He tried to get my pants off one more time but I didn’t Preteen Pthc let him.
We kissed for a while longer then he went home for the night. He promised
to call me soon and I let him know that he better.
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